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Popular Zoos to Visit in USA

The zoo has always been an active favorite for children and adults, men and women, and people of all nationalities, races, and cultures. A zoo is a place where people can get to know the world around them. Visitors receive information about the animals in their local area, as well as about the species that may not have the opportunity to see them. Whether you are a fish lover, a giraffe fan or a tigers enthusiast, zoos across the United States are incredible attractions that are important activities in this country using budget rental San Diego airport

Best zoos to visit in the United States

1. Disney Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is located in Orlando, Florida, and combines an exciting game with animal shows and pet parks. This place is a different kind of zoo, but it is also one of the most popular destinations for animal lovers around the world. The park is divided into several different sections, each one combining the natural habitats of different species with horseback riding, restaurants and shows. The park’s most popular show is located within the African section of the zoo. Here, visitors can experience a simulated safari through the houses of giraffes, hippos, elephants, tigers and much more. With almost 2,000 different animals and 500 acres of land, Disney Kingdom is one of the most exciting zoos in the United States.

2. Houston Zoo

The Texas Zoo is one of the most visited zoos in North America. The park is famous for its modern facilities and the frequent renovations of animal exhibits. Special tours can be scheduled at the zoo in advance and give families an exciting insight into their animals, special nutrition, animal hospitals, and many animal training sessions. Hermann Park Drive is located in Houston and offers a variety of exhibits. Recently, the zoo has presented an exhibition of dinosaurs and specials that educate visitors about the oceans, deserts, and Africa.

3. San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo in California has been considered the highest zoo in the country for its size and diversity of animals and its commitment to protecting the environment and promoting animal rights. The zoo has become popular due to its willingness to think “out of the box” and the use of many “no-cage” exhibits that allow closer encounters with animals. Gian Panda’s exhibition is an unparalleled attraction for any other panda show in the world. The San Diego Zoo offers guests more than 4,000 different types of animals and almost 900 different species.

4. Colon Zoo

The Columbus Zoo is located in Columbus, Ohio, one of the most historic zoos in the country and has been operating continuously since the 1920s. Jack Hanna has promoted famous animals to the zoo and has fostered their growth over the years. The zoo houses more than 7,000 different animals and has recently accepted expansions to include its park and water park. The Columbus Zoo is also famous for its large aquarium and polar bear.

5. Lion County Safari

Loxahatchee, Florida, is home to a completely different type of zoo. Visitors to Leon County Safari will enter a car that will take them 5 miles away at their own pace. During the flight, guests will see blacks, chimpanzees, zebras, and giraffes. While dangerous animals are confined in cages during the day, many animals can roam freely and sometimes find a comfortable place on the road. Although this may interrupt your trip for a short period, this may be the only opportunity that should be within a few meters of the African giraffe. There are also carnival excursions outside the national park.

The above places are the best places to visit using budget car rental and promise that they will leave a memorable moment. Just hire a car from this company, and they will guide you to all these zoos.

Young and Looking for Fun? The List of Best Stopovers for a Florida Road Trip

A road trip through Florida is an amazing holiday idea for young people. This place offers numerous destinations, from beautiful beaches to mysterious marshlands, from breathtaking theme parks to Miami signature art deco architecture.

Why Not Take a Plane?

The independence a road trip gives will help you save money, make unforgettable stopovers and plan your journey exactly the way you want it (younger drivers need to note, though, that renting a car in Florida under 25 they should be ready to pay a Young Renter Fee). So are you ready for the top-notch self-drive adventure?

Get the best of your road trip around the Sunshine State


You simply can’t miss the Universal Studios and the Magic Kingdom when you are in Florida. Each of these places deserve a full day visit. Find a hotel close to the Disney Parks and plunge into the festive atmosphere of one of the best theme parks in the world.

Ocala National Forest located north of Orlando is a real natural gem with Beakman Lake surrounded by cypress trees. You just take a short drive on Highway 19 and find yourself in a relaxing wonderland.

●West Palm Beach.

Travelling down the south make a quick stop at the vibrant city that has a lot to offer throughout the year. Apart from inviting sidewalk cafes. live music and funky bars,it’s a great shopping destination.


If you drive A1A the road turns into a part of adventure with the ocean to your left all along the road. The variety of places to stay will accommodate any demand, so enjoy your drive and get yourself prepared for a relaxing on the golden sands of Miami Beach and a fun night out afterwards.

●Key West.

Take the breathtaking Overseas Highway from Miami to a charming historical Key West. After having fresh seafood in one of beachfront restaurants, consider a sunset champagne cruise round Key West. For those taking the trip in mid January there’s an extra bonus of the Uncorked, a Food and Wine Festival with wine tasting and cooking demonstrations.

So are you ready to go?

There aren’t many things in the world that are more romantic that hitting the open road on your vacation. Florida with its great climate and vast diversity of fabulous places to visit has something for everyone, while the road trip makes the journey to your final destination as fascinating, as the destination itself. If you don’t have a car of your own, consider renting one right there. Renting a car in Florida under 25 isn’t hard at all, making it an attractive destination for younger drivers.

Top 5 Food Capitals of the World

Some have rightly said that food and travel go hand in hand. Add to this pleasure of enjoying rental cars 24 hours and the paradise is compete. Yes, it is time to visit the world’s top 5 food capitals and enjoy the cuisine

Top 5 Food Destinations of the Earth

It is certainly not easy to prepare this list. Yet it has to be done. Below are some of the best food locations that this planet can offer:

1.Mendoza, Argentina:

The city of Mendoza certainly offers some of the best wines and ever perfect dishes anyone can dream of. While at Mendoza, be sure to visit the following areas for a great, unforgettable experience in restaurants and wineries

•Bodega Ruca Malen

Here you will enjoy the lunch of a lifetime and take the type of wine that you will remember for eons.

•Andeluna Cellar

•Siere Fuegus.

While here ensure you sample a memorable stay at the Vines Resort and Spa.

2.Manila Philippines:

The famous street food Mecca is found here. This may only be comparable to Thailand in the cuisine table of street-food ranking! Ensure you visit the Principality of El Nido for a complete experience. The principality is found in the wonderful Palawan Island.

3.Paris, France:

This is a veritable foodie paradise. While in Paris , do not fail to grace such locations as the Croissants and the Croque Monsieurs. We don’t need to mention such icons like Paris’ famous Eiffel Tower and the Sacre Coeur. You will enjoy the famed escargot and delicious frog-legs. Of course, a visit to the local Crepe food stands and the many street food markets will be a pleasure. Yes, taste and enjoy the city of Paris in totality. This will be a huge culinary vacation coupled with sight-seeing and a joyous itinerary.

4.Copenhagen, Denmark

Take a pilgrimage to Copenhagen. You will eat delicious meals at the high restaurant of Noma. This one has for decades maintained its pride in world’s top 50 restaurants ranking. You have to visit the Relae which the first all-organic restaurant in the world. Do not fail to grace the trendy Reffen food stalls and food trucks for an amazing experience.

5.London, England:

Our list would definitely be incomplete without mentioning London, which is undoubtedly one of the world’s food capitals. It is not just a city of fish and chips, as some think. London is actually one of the largest food cities one can find. Every kind of imaginable cuisine is available here. What is more, you can find more than 1,000 afternoon tea spots here. Do visit the Box Park and Shore ditch for a complete experience.

Yes, these are the 5 top world food capitals where you will also, no doubt, enjoy rental cars 24 hours, round the clock. Do visit

The Top Most Places To Visit in the USA For Every Checklist

The United States, located between two oceans, is a very large and diverse country. It has excellent resorts, ideal for short and long stays. Make sure to rent a car 24 hour in order to travel to these destinations using the shortest time possible. These places are full of experiences and fun, so it is good to visit these places:

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park, located near the coast of Maine on the mountain. The uninhabited island is a beautiful mountainous national park. In the nearby town of Bar Harbor, you can book good motel rooms or take a nice boat ride through the French bay.

New York city

New York is a great place to stay. Take a free walk (free for pedestrians) on the famous Staten Island Ferry and enjoy the stunning Manhattan skyline and the beautiful Statue of Liberty. To open the mouth of the Hudson River, simply stroll through Tribeca, part of lower Manhattan, or head west to the river and see Palisades State Park in New Jersey. If you are west of the historic river, you can meet many other beautiful places.

New Orleans

New Orleans is a bit different from other US cities. To appreciate the uniqueness of this city, visit Jackson Square in the heart of the French Quarter near the Mississippi River. Enjoy a ride on a river and horse-drew carriage, or take a stroll through the old French Quarter. Alley Square, Royal Street, and Conservation Salon, where the jazz band plays, are nearby. In the spring it is quite rocky when the weather is not particularly hot.

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Tithons National Park in northwest Wyoming, next to Yellowstone National Park, impresses with its impressive Snake Serpent and a small retreat. The location is ideal for camping, exploring the beautiful peaks, walking or climbing to the top of the great peaks. The nearby Yellowstone National Park is also worth a visit.

Golden Gate Bridge

Drive through the famous Golden Bridge, a magnificent steel structure, and enjoy the magic of exploring the steep hills and a magnificent bay.

Santa Fe Indian Market

Then visit the Indian market in Santa Fe, which happens every August in the charming city of Santa Fe. Dealers, customers and local visitors from all over the country come to this event. Here you get the best quality and a wide range of products and works of art. In general, the United States is the best option for leisure.

Visiting these places gives one more exposure and pleasure. The USA is a country which has many beautiful places which makes people desire to tour the country and visit those areas. Visitors should rent a car 24 hour to explore these places in a better manner.